The piano (light stones and chorales, the blackwhite noise and other stories)
piano solo, 88 movements (variable duration)

Horizon release (version for tape and amplified piano) (duration around 10 min.)

2014 - 2024

The Goldberg Variation / Bach clock (12 hours and 25 minutes or variable duration)
for one, two or more pianists

Ground (the flicker, the cycles, the bells, the waves) (variabel duration)
15 sinewaves with indivudal volume controls (1 or 2 performers)

Body and soul (variabel duration)
for two pianists (piano & sampler)


1995 - 2002
One day/one week/one month/3 months in a space of 30 minutes / Butterfly (30 min.)
First performance, october 2002, Amok/koma, Unga Atalante, Göteborg.

Angelägenheter I+II (1998, revised 2014) (5 min.)
string orchestra
First performance 8th of september 1998 by Musica Vitae, Växjö.

Försöker få din/min kropp att svara (12 gånger) (10 min.)
First performance 26th of february 1998, Artisten. Conductor: Einar Nilsen.

Kammare (8 min.)
bass clarinet/clarinet, cello, double-bass
First performance 4th of april 1997, Nutida musik dagar i Göteborg.

Tre (6 min.)
soprano, piano
First performance, 2nd of may 1996 by Ingela Tägil, Kalmar Cathedral.

Wonderful thing (10 min.)
violoncell solo
First performance 22nd of november 1995 by Jonas Franke-Blom, Unga Atalane, Göteborg.

Jugendlied (7 min.)
boy soprano, accordeon, crotales
First performance 23rd of october 1995, NUTIMUS-festival, Malmö. Swedish Radio P2 recording.